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The Vizsla Breed


Is A Vizsla Right For You?*

It's already a given that Vizslas are a beautiful and elegant looking breed. But that's the wrong reason to add one to your family. Because they were originally bred to be a hunting companion (i.e. lots and lots of running in the field), they are a very high-energy breed. Vizslas are not your "walk around the neighborhood" kind of a dog. If you enjoy the great outdoors and exercising, a Vizsla might be the right match for you. But Vizslas shouldn't be matched to humans based on exercise levels alone. Vizslas are also very soft in temperament and love frequent cuddles with their human companions. There is an old Hungarian saying, "If you own a Vizsla, it lives on top of your head." This is a most accurate saying and why Vizslas are often described as "Velcro Vizslas". Be warned, if you bring a Vizsla into your home you may never go to the bathroom alone again!



Vizslas are very high-energy dogs and are extremely smart but generally slower to mature. This means you will most likely end up with a puppy until they're closer to 4 years old. But this also means that, while Vizslas should be biddable in temperament and therefore very trainable, they may not be the best candidates for those looking to compete at advanced levels with a very young dog. Like a fine wine, Vizslas get better with age!


A Vizsla properly raised with children will be their best friend. However, a family with small children is often not a good fit because the Vizsla requires significant time and energy. Families with young children should strongly consider their ability to commit to the requirements of this breed. Furthermore, parents should be careful to always manage the behavior of their children toward this sensitive breed that may not always tolerate improper behavior such as poking, prodding and hitting.


And yes, Vizslas shed just as much as other dogs. It's just harder to see because their hair is so short. They don't have an undercoat so that also gives the impression that they don't shed. If you like wearing black you might find yourself eliminating this color choice from your wardrobe as you grow tired of plucking little red hairs from the fabric.



Take the "Vizsla Test"


I understand my Vizsla will need plenty of off-leash exercise well into their adulthood and will make the commitment to provide this necessity.

  • Yes/No


Because Vizslas are generally soft in temperament, I understand they need heavy socialization especially as young dogs but throughout their entire lives.

  • Yes/No


Because Vizslas are generally soft in temperament, I understand they respond best to positive training methods and a heavy-hand can ruin them for life.

  • Yes/No


I understand that Vizslas are very intelligent and can get themselves into trouble if left unsupervised for long periods of time.

  • Yes/No


I understand Vizslas are not good kennel dogs and thrive best if they get to live inside the home with their human companions.

  • Yes/No


Did you answer "Yes" to all of the above? Great! The Vizsla just might be the right breed for you! Keep on reading our "Information" section and speak with a reputable breeder to be sure.

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